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MIT Invites Master’s Candidates Online

by Andy Thomason

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Article excerpt

MIT Unveils ‘MicroMaster’s,’ Allowing Students to Get Half Their Degree From MOOCs

Inverted admission has the potential to disrupt traditional modes of access to higher education,” said MIT’s dean of digital learning, Sanjay Sarma, in a news release. “We’re democratizing access to a master’s program for learners worldwide.

Our take

The Future of Education May be Smaller

As MIT experiments with new methods of granting degrees for learning which may not necessarily occur in campus classrooms, others are likely watching. What will higher education look like in the future? MIT’s recent introduction of a “MicroMaster’s,” which involves online instruction prior to just one required semester on campus, suggests a range of new possibilities. Is your institution prepared to deal with the potential disruption these new educational models may present?

Widespread adoption of tools that give learners 24/7 access to information online opens up boundaries that formerly existed due to both geography and economic status. Experiments such as this deserve watching to determine whether these innovative approaches can reach larger numbers of students—and deliver equal, if not better, results.