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Meeting Nontraditional Students’ Needs

by Joseph Dussault

The Christian Science Monitor

Article excerpt

What do adult students want from college?

The demographics of higher learning are changing, but traditional colleges have been slow to adapt. An adult learner-focused ranking hopes to help prompt change.

Our take

Growing Campus Diversity Requires New Engagement Approaches

Not all students are prone to partying or interested in Pokémon Go. A growing number of non-traditional students on campus is requiring a new look at meeting the diverse needs of an increasingly non-homogeneous student body. Do you have a reliable sense of who your students are and what they consider most important to them in their college experience?

Adult learners are considered to be those that are 25 years or older; there’s a large, and growing number of them, on college campuses. Engagement with students from all backgrounds is important; growing variation can create challenges and add burdens to already harried instructors. These interactions, though, can be managed, and aided, through technology.