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Meet The Innovators In Higher Ed

by Gilad Edelman

Washington Monthly

Article excerpt

The Sixteen Most Innovative People in Higher Education

This list isn’t a ranking, and it’s by no means exhaustive. Consider it a snapshot of the various overlapping ways in which creative, passionate people around the country are working to make higher education more accessible, affordable, and effective.

Our take

Making Innovative Moves in Education

There’s a lot of innovation occurring in education these days, with much of it at the grassroots level. Change is happening in institutions large and small around the country–and around the world. This list highlights some of the leaders in the higher ed space. What impact might their efforts have on your institution?

From shortening time to graduation, to increasing numbers of minority and low-income graduates, to boosting the number of STEM graduates, these innovators are making a difference in ways that others could readily emulate. Educators are finding not only opportunity, but open-mindedness to unique ideas designed to improve important outcomes. Opportunities for innovation are on the rise in education these days.