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Are You Maximizing Ed Tech Dollars?

by Jin-Soo Huh


Article excerpt

When I Buy Edtech Products, Our Teachers Don’t Use Them… What Do I Do?

In a study of 49 schools, Lea(R)n Trials found that 37% of purchased online literacy and math program licenses were never even activated; an additional 28% of licenses were activated, but usage goals were never hit. In fact, only 5% of users “fully” hit all usage goals, as shown below.

Our take

Getting Your Money’s Worth From Ed Tech

When budgets are tight, every penny saved matters. That’s why it can be particularly disheartening to discover that your ed tech investments may be languishing unused. Have you done an assessment to determine whether your product licenses are seeing the activity you had anticipated?

Summer may be a good time to evaluate the utilization of your tech resources and prepare to boost those numbers if they’re as dismal as this study suggests. If they are, this columnist offers a template and some key considerations to help evaluate products and boost the likelihood that they will be utilized by teachers and students.