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Math Anxiety? There’s an App for That.

by Sarah D. Sparks

Education Week

Article excerpt

Math App May Lend a Hand to Parents Nervous About Numbers

In the latest in a series of studies on how adult anxieties and stereotypes affect students’ math performance, University of Chicago researchers found that students whose families used a free tablet app to work through math-related puzzles and stories each week had significantly more growth in math learning by the end of the year.

Our take

Learning Apps Can Be Leveraged to Lesson Math Anxiety

A study by the University of Chicago of 587 first graders and their families found that a math app used by parents to help their children work through math problems was effective not only in helping children learn, but also in helping to minimize the anxiety around math lessons that parents may inadvertently pass along to their children. Parents play a key role in children’s learning, but are often ill-equipped to serve in that role effectively; apps like this may be changing that. How might you better engage parents in your students’ learning process?

New methods of teaching often leave parents frustrated and out of the loop when it comes to helping their children work through homework or practice concepts they’ve learned in school. Apps can be a good way to ensure that the lessons are consistent between teachers and parents, while also offering a more game-like, entertaining experience for learners. Math instruction is one potential area of focus; there may be others.