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Matching Tech To Learning Goals

by Tommy Peterson


Article excerpt

Technology Starts with Professional Development and Training

“We always select technology that supports our learning goals rather than building curriculum around technology,” says CTO Sheryl Abshire, whose district serves 32,600 students with 2,600 teachers in 64 schools and alternative learning sites. “And we don’t put any technology in classrooms without first giving hands-on training for teachers.”

Our take

Technology Driven By Intention

Two simple principles, but when adherred to, these principles can help schools realize the potential of technology: select technology to support learning goals (not the other way around) and ensure that teachers are trained to use the technology before it’s introduced in the classroom. How is your school doing with this?

As the conductors of the learning environment, teachers need to play an active role in determining when technology might aid instruction, and when it might serve as a distraction. It’s important that technology considerations are driven by sound pedagogy and that technology applications are chosen based on sound learning principles and relevant outcomes. As teachers work toward the ideal classroom, they will need to combine digital and nondigital components with intention. They will also need support from the school system for professional development and opportunities to use and experiment with various technology options.