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Mastering Machine Teaching

Mastering Machine Teaching

by Mary Ellen McIntire

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Article excerpt

Does Online Ed Lack ‘Integrity’?

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison say they are getting closer to designing a system to deliver the ideal lesson plan for each student, through a process they call “machine teaching.”

Our take

Personalized Lesson Plans: Help or Hindrance?

Machine learning is a concept in artificial intelligence that just may have applications in machine learning according to a researcher with the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Jerry Zhu says that if students’ learning processes can be quantified, computers can be programmed to create individualized curricula—an outcome that certainly holds implications for personalized teaching/learning. But how likely is this concept to see fruition and what impact would it have on traditional teacher/student relationships?

There may be opportunities for educators to gain efficiencies and boost learning by embracing the idea of “machine teaching” while still maintaining critical elements of effective teaching on a personal level. These are the types of disruptive innovations that educators and administrators need to watch and carefully consider as important inputs to their ongoing strategic planning efforts.