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“Making Vision Reality”: Long-Term Plan For eLearning In Africa

by Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Daily News Egypt

Article excerpt

eLearning Africa 2016: resettlement of ICT education and training in Cairo

Africa needs mechanisms to solve its information and communications technology (ICT) training and education problems, which comes within the vision of the African Union, Africa 2063 for a prosperous continent, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser Al-Qadi said. Al-Qadi added, during the opening ceremony of the eLearning Africa 2016 conference entitled “Making vision reality”, that Africa is facing several challenges in that field, including means of sharing infrastructure and experts to push the growth of vital sectors, such as education.

Our take

Africa Engaged in Long-Range Educational Planning

The ability to engage and educate children by leveraging technology is a priority around the world. In Africa, the value of more than 200 million 15-24 year olds was the focus of much discussion at the eLearning Africa 2016 conference. They’re taking a look decades ahead through their Africa 2063 vision of the African Union. Their challenges mirror the challenge of other countries around the world. What can we learn from their efforts?

Establishing an infrastructure to support the learning needs of today’s students so they can meet the future needs of employers and world economics is critical. Africa is bringing together people now to talk about how technology can pave the way to ensure that its human resources receive the support, education and training needed to serve the future needs of the nation.