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Making the Ed-Tech Plan Manageable

by Malia Herman

Education Week

Article excerpt

Data Dashboards a High Priority in National Ed-Tech Plan

The National Education Technology Plan released in December 2015 by the U.S. Department of Education emphasizes a high priority for states, school districts, and educational technology companies to expand and improve the use of learning, or data, dashboards. The push for wider and better use of data dashboards—which allow educators to examine and connect relevant student data from multiple sources—is growing stronger as schools scale up the use of personalized learning.

Our take

Start Small When Addressing the National Education Technology Plan Requirements

Educators are increasingly being held accountable to demonstrate that learning has, in fact, occurred. A push is on—fueled by the National Education Technology Plan—to ensure that school systems are using learning dashboards to measure performance. What methods are being used in your school system to ensure that the right data is collected, aggregated, analyzed and used to evaluate and continuously improve learning outcomes?

The National Education Technology Plan places a high priority on the use of data and dashboards to track and demonstrate learning and to provide real-time feedback to students on their progress. But getting there requires a process that is firmly rooted in an understanding of the audience, what data needs to be collected, how it will be used and how it can be reported in meaningful and easy-to-understand ways. Starting small, then growing as more insights are gained, is a recommended best practice.