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Students Gathered with Devices

Making Educational Transitions Easier

by Mary Grush

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Once More with Insight: USD Students Get a Personal Assistant Mobile App

After too many years watching students struggle with the transition to college, mobile application developers at the University of San Diego are excited to watch this year’s freshmen get organized and get ahead with a highly customized USD personal assistant mobile application.

Our take

Bringing the Reality Into Real-Life Education Transitions

Many life transitions can be challenging—the transition from high school to college is among them. One school is attempting to minimize the stress around this transition through an app. Could a similar strategy be applied in your school system?

In the past, students could only imagine what the college experience would be like. While campus visits could provide some insights, much was still unclear and first-day jitters common. Today’s technology, though, offers opportunities for connections, conversations and close-to-real-life experiences that can be aided through virtual and augmented reality. The same concepts could be applied to other transitions—grade school to middle school, middle school to high school, etc.