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Making Budget Transparent To Professors

by Joshua Kim

Inside Higher Ed

Article excerpt

How Much Does Higher Ed Spend on IT?

What steps can we take so that more of us in higher ed have a common understanding of technology spending, and indeed total institutional spending, so that we can have conversations about appropriately investing our ever scarcer resources?

Our take

Is Your School Spending Enough on Technology Transformation?

Educators have traditionally been removed from discussions or information about the cost of technology–or other administrative expenses. But, could having that knowledge help them be more informed and circumspect about their technology needs?

According to EDUCAUSE’s Core Data Service Benchmarking report, about 4.2 percent of higher ed spending is allocated to IT. Of the dollars invested, the highest amount goes to operations—just keeping things running. Only about 5 percent is spent on transformation. Understanding how your school is allocating and spending dollars on IT infrastructure may help educators and administrators make choices that are more strategically aligned with current and future needs.