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Makerspace Classrooms: When Digital and Physical Join Forces

by Susan Wells


Article excerpt

Four Tools to Merge the Digital and Physical in Your Maker Classroom

I’ve been involved in digital learning and education technology for more than 30 years, and the burgeoning attempt to merge the digital and physical worlds has been one of the most interesting aspects of the evolution of EdTech to date. Managing that change in a Making context that encompasses digital tools, hands-on construction, creation and interaction allows students to learn and create new knowledge experientially.

Our take

Making Classrooms Makerspaces

Technology is changing what goes on in the classroom—and in businesses and boardrooms around the world. Students must be armed with the knowledge and experiences to help prepare them for a technology-driven world. Learning today shouldn’t be about memorizing information; it should be about developing a mindset poised for innovation creation. Could every classroom potentially become a makerspace? This article suggests that it just might be a great idea.

Makerspaces represent a great way to introduce students and teachers to technology. As technology continues to emerge and develop, the concept can be adapted to ensure that these audiences are introduced to new options in settings that encourage interaction and innovation across all levels of education—like the traditional classroom. There’s no reason that your classrooms couldn’t take on the look and feel of makerspaces.