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Make Your Website Worthwhile

by Katie Kilfoyle Remis

District Administration

Article excerpt

Maximum web management for K12 schools

An effective school website should incorporate social media and other popular online tools. For example, the home page should provide one-click access to the district’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Our take

Just Because You Built It Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

Websites are so much a part of the consumer landscape these days that there can be a tendency to take them for granted. “Build it and they will come” seems to be the philosophy of many, including some school systems. But today’s websites need to move beyond the stagnant “brochureware” that was so prevalent a few years ago. To effectively engage parents and students, and provide efficiencies for school systems, websites need to contain relevant content that is easy to find and also offer administrative features that make life easier for families and administrators. Could your website be improved to provide more value?

The websites cited in this article can be a good starting point for considering new, innovative ways to present information and interact with parents, students and educators. Today, websites must be designed with considerations of various modes of access—e.g. smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop and laptop devices. An audit of your current site and how it is being used, along with consideration of how the website might tie into goals and objectives of your school system, can be a good starting point for updates and improvements.