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Kids in Front of Laptop

Make Way for the Phablets

by Jack Schofield

ZD Net

Article excerpt

Lenovo's Sam Morris on Chromebooks, Windows, tablets and phablets in the global education market

“I think the tablet is in trouble,” says Morris. “Two or three years ago, the laptop was going to be the victim and the tablet was going to take over. Today, the 8-inch and 10-inch tablets are in danger of being overtaken by phablets. I can do work on a 6-inch phablet much easier than on a 4-inch screen, and a 6-inch phone versus an 8-inch tablet? What’s the big difference, really?”

Our take

Make Way for the Phablets

Changes are afoot when it comes to the technology infrastructure at school systems around the world. Lenovo’s agnostic operating system approach means they’re poised to position technology in whatever ways meet local system needs. But, Sam Morris, Lenovo’s Global Education Solution Architect, offers some expert perspectives on what the future may hold.

As a global organization, Lenovo gleans insights into trends and variances in technology use across the globe. Different regions, Morris points out, have different forces acting on them. In some cultures, for instance, textbooks may never have existed, but now digital content is allowing students to learn in important new ways. The use of technology around the world continues to change. One bold prediction from Morris is that tablets may soon be outpaced by “phablets”—the use of smartphones to do the heavy lifting that only laptops and tablets could do in the past.