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Looking Past Edtech Ambiguity

by Shuaib Ahmed


Article excerpt

Why Edtech Companies Can’t Explain What They Do

Many company web pages land along a spectrum from Internet 1.0 to extremely polished. But sometimes even the best looking websites do a poor job of answering the most basic questions.

Our take

Beyond Bland Website Content to Meaningful Conversation

This article offers insights from four education technology vendors about the decisions that go into determining what information to include—or not include—on their websites. It’s clearly a challenge; the old saw “you can’t please all of the people all of the time” is certainly true in the online environment. How can they—and you—bridge the gap between the generalities that can be drawn from most websites to the specifics needed to make informed decisions?

Conversation. As educational institutions attempt to make decisions about technology vendors to engage with, attempting to discern what they really have to offer can be a challenge. Website research is a great starting point, but it isn’t enough; direct conversations are a must. Those conversations should take place not only between decision-makers and vendors, but should also include instructors, students, parents and other stakeholders to ensure that Edtech decisions meet user needs.