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Logging in for Class Time

by Benjamin Herold

Education Week

Article excerpt

Districts Experiment With Virtual 'Work From Home' Days for Students

A growing share of the U.S. labor force works from home, and some tech-savvy school districts are taking note. The local high school in this upscale suburb, for example, recently held its first “virtual day,” allowing most of its 561 students to log in to school from the comfort of their bedrooms or kitchen tables.

Our take

Learning: A Move From Hours to Outcomes?

If employees can do it, why not students? This school district is experimenting with a “work from home” concept for its students. On its “virtual day,” Park Ridge high school in New Jersey allowed most of its 550+ students to log in for their lessons instead of coming to class. Could such a move have value for your school system?

Traditional views of where and when learning takes place are being challenged by ready access to technology for many students. Just as with employees, a focus on outcomes instead of hours can help educators to rethink how education can be delivered. However, school systems need to ensure that all students have ready access both to technology and to supportive learning environments for such approaches to be equitable for all.