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LMS: Build, Buy, or Both?

by Bridget McCrea

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Should you build your own LMS?

No longer relegated to using textbooks as their core instructional materials, teachers look to their institutions for help selecting, aggregating, and then delivering relevant content to their pupils. Districts, in turn, must decide whether to build out their own online content platforms, farm it out to a learning platform provider like FuelEd (formerly Aventa Learning) or K12, or take a hybrid approach.

Our take

Taking a Hybrid Approach to LMS

Online education offers both opportunities and challenges for school systems and raises key questions about how to best develop and support online instruction through technology. A hybrid approach may often be best as systems often access both their own content and content from third-party sources. Developing from within may be attractive from a cost standpoint, but does an internal-only approach limit opportunities and functionality?

There are pros and cons to both do-it-yourself and vendor-based learning management systems; decisions should be made based on multiple inputs and alignment with overall strategy. Chances are that some combination of developed within, and contracted through external vendors, is going to serve needs most effectively.