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Libraries Get A New Look, But Few Notice

by Tony Wan


Article excerpt

Pew: Libraries Offer More Digital Resources, But Fewer Americans Visit

Have you visited your local library? According to a new Pew survey, 44 percent of Americans made the trip in the past 12 months—down from 53 percent when Pew first asked this question in 2012.

Our take

Libraries: New Offerings and New Ways of Engaging

Libraries aren’t what they used to be. Unfortunately, too few people are engaging with libraries these days, according to Pew research, so they’re unaware of the technology and other options now being offered. How could you do a better job of communicating about your libraries’ resources to students, family members and the community at large?

Chances are that many parents—and even students—in your school district have not ventured into your library in a while. Inviting them in, either in “real life” or through online virtual tours, to show them the many ways the library environment has changed, and introducing them to the many new tools now available to them, can help to boost engagement. Once engaged, though, library staffers need to work to ensure a positive experience and ongoing communication to continually convey the big benefits that libraries still provide. Finding a balance between online and real-world engagement can help to meet the needs of today’s patrons.