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Leveraging YouTube For An Interactive Classroom

by Christopher Pappas

eLearning Industry

Article excerpt

5 Ways YouTube Can Transform Your eLearning Course

Millions of people watch YouTube videos on a daily basis, which means that a high percentage of your online learners are probably already familiar with the social networking platform. So, why not use that to your advantage to put a whole new interactive spin on your eLearning course?

Our take

YouTube in Your Classroom

Video is a great way to engage learners at all levels. Today’s technology makes it easier and less expensive than ever before to create and share video. How could you better leverage video technology and YouTube in your classrooms?

There’s ample opportunity to incorporate video into your classrooms—whether simply directing students to online resources or creating and uploading your own video creations. And why not get students involved in the process? Individually, or in teams, students can write, produce and post their own videos to augment learning across a variety of subject areas. This article offers some additional ideas on how video can be used to advantage.