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Let Students Take the Wheel

by Mary Ryerse

Getting Smart

Article excerpt

Professional Learning that Transforms: Meet High Tech High Graduate School of Education

Opened in 2000, HTH may be among the most commonly recognized school systems in the world. It is among the best examples of applied and project-based learning (PBL), it prepares diverse students for a complex world and is the best example of school-centric community redevelopment.

Our take

Students, Teach Yourselves!

What if students taught themselves? That’s the premise behind project-based learning and it’s serving as the basis of program development for K-12 and graduate level students in San Diego. Through a Deeper Learning focus the schools leverage six competencies that are leading to better learning outcomes. What elements of this approach could you adopt?

The approaches used by High Tech High (HTH) and High Tech High Graduate School of Education (HTH GSE) have achieved positive results including higher graduation rates than other schools not using the Deeper Learning approach. By directing and monitoring their own learning, students develop academic mindsets and learn to think more critically—skills that can help them solve increasingly complex problems as they continue their educations. Whether at the K-12 or higher ed levels, it’s an approach that’s worth taking a look at.