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Lesson-Driven Gaming

by Lee Araoz

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Stretch student collaboration skills with Breakout EDU

There is a new platform for immersive learning games that’s taking classrooms across the world by storm. Based on the same principles as interactive Escape The Room digital games — which challenge players to use their surroundings to escape a prison-like scenario — Breakout EDU is a collaborative learning experience that enhances critical thinking and creativity while fostering a growth mindset in students.

Our take

Getting Their Game On

Pokémon Go isn’t the only popular gaming option for digital natives. Breakout EDU is a gaming experience that engages students in collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. For students already armed with internet-connected devices, it’s a low-cost investment and a number of games can be accessed through the Breakout EDU website ranging in level of difficulty and appropriate for a range of grades and ages. Is this a tool that would have value for your students?

Gaming can be a great way to generate engagement while students gain valuable knowledge. It’s a win-win scenario for students and teachers. But, gaming in the classroom should lead students to lessons learned – not just rewards. When contemplating how to make learning more fun, teachers should keep learning at the core.