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Less Classroom, More Community

by Anthony Johnson

eSchool News

Article excerpt

I made my classroom look like the real-world—and test scores soared

They experience real-world situations and gain insights into global affairs. Students tend to view my classroom less as a “classroom” and more of an interactive city where all projects intertwine to create an ecosystem of businesses and homes.

Our take

Flexible Workspaces Address Digital Era Learning Needs

In this unique approach to teaching, applied in elementary school, one teacher has created real world lessons and spaces to engage students. How should schools be setting up learning spaces so that teachers and learners can most effectively interact? What does a campus – or K-12 classroom – optimized for learning look like?

There are a wide range of potential answers that leverage the any place, anywhere potential to engage with students using technology. Today’s learning spaces incorporate flexibility but, importantly, must still be designed with outcomes and efficacy in mind. Taking the time to learn about new available options, test them, and gather feedback from learners and instructors can help educators create learning spaces that best work to their advantage.