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Lenovo Steps Up To Bat In the Two-in-One Tech Game

by Meg Conlan


Article excerpt

Why 2-in-1s Are Taking Off in K–12 Schools

In response to shifting sales, technology makers have stepped up their two-in-one game. HP, Lenovo and Toshiba all unveiled flashy, new devices at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. But as the top seller of PCs worldwide, Lenovo likely felt particular pressure to build lightweight, versatile devices at affordable prices.

Our take

Time to Think About Two-in-Ones?

Two-in-one devices are gaining in popularity. Tech companies like Lenovo are taking notice. These convertible devices offer flexibility and convenience. Traditionally school systems have tended to turn to tablets for K-12 students and notebooks for students in higher ed settings. Could a balance between the two represent the best option from both a usability and cost standpoint?

Signs are certainly pointing in that direction. These devices offer flexibility and multi-functionality. Lightweight and easily transportable they can easily transition from home to classroom to other settings. Two-in-one devices hold promise for the planet as well. The flexibility of a device can be a big determinant of its useful lifespan. Two-in-one computers, for example, can “future-proof” the purchasing decision.