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Lenovo Education: Innovation in Action

  • November 03, 2015|
  • 3 years ago

by Sam Morris

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Global Education Solutions Architect

In education, innovation isn’t optional. Educators need to be able to adapt to the times in order to adequately arm students with relevant skills and knowledge. However, a changing landscape can often mean disruption in a system that also requires organization and focus.

The specific type of disruption that educators are experiencing depends on where they are located. Presently, the United Kingdom is coping with a new mandate that requires curriculum plans across England to include computer science at all grade levels. This is driving a new (and somewhat urgent) need for technology and the means to teach it. In the United States, state governments are requiring new curriculum, paired with federal mandates for digital testing. This has left many schools scrambling, trying to figure out how to successfully deploy and leverage technology.

In educational environments across the world, learning is transforming. Digital curriculum content is becoming increasingly significant. Traditional educational routes are being bypassed for routes that incorporate technology and new teaching practices. Technology is creating new opportunities in education; it is making learning more accessible for those with limited resources and access while simultaneously providing new avenues of learning for those whose education is entrenched in societal norms.

For technology providers, this new direction translates to huge opportunity. Hardware manufacturers are the vehicles by which students and teachers will be able to leverage new digital resources. Technology providers won’t put the transformation into action – but they will be the ones that make the transformation possible. We are behind-the-scenes facilitators, here to make the transformation less chaotic and more impactful with help from reliable, innovative technology.

Where We Are

Lenovo is uniquely positioned to take advantage of these opportunities. We have long established ourselves as a key partner by providing technologies that empower teachers and students through a commitment to reliability and innovation – and we certainly won’t stop as technology becomes more of an educational focus.

Reliability. Education is constantly in motion – each day has an agenda. There are goals to be met, lessons to be taught, and tasks to be completed. Simply put, downtime is unacceptable. With our dedication to reliability, Lenovo is able to offer educators technology that won’t be a hindrance to day-to-day workflow.

Innovation. Innovation and education are natural partners. Education is about pushing ideas further, exploring new horizons, and inspiring deeper understanding. Lenovo’s ability to innovate aligns with education’s needs. Together, we can tackle an ever-changing landscape.

Where We Are Going

In the immediate future, we are looking to solve pertinent industry problems. For example, we are reexamining how tablets are used in education. Apple’s domination of that space has left districts unsatisfied – meaning they are on the lookout for a more sustainable solution. We believe that Lenovo’s innovative technology could be beneficial in the classroom, and we are putting our efforts and energy into figuring out the best way to relay that idea.

Beyond developing our technology, we are working toward using our impactful position in the industry to start conversation. How can our products fuel today’s education initiatives? We’re hoping to stir up ideas from our partners, customers, and education professionals that begin to answer that question and more.

Looking further into the future, we are dedicated to being a technology provider that can help the industry through change. As technology becomes more and more integrated with learning, we recognize the need for purposeful solutions. Ultimately, we hope to create a portfolio of devices specifically geared toward education. By offering devices designed for education’s needs, Lenovo will strategically be able to further empower educators to orchestrate their classrooms successfully, reduce chaos, and take advantage of technology’s role in learning.

Whether you are a teacher, an innovator, a technology guru, or simply a member of the community, there is no denying education’s importance. Education is arguably one of the most important industries that Lenovo is invested in – by investing in education through innovation and reliability, we are enabling those who shape the future and inspire the next generation of leaders. That’s technology at its finest.