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K-12 Students Explore the Jobs of the Future

by Navindra Persaud

Education World

Article excerpt

Tech Pushes That Are Preparing K-12 Students For The Future Workforce

Job markets are becoming dominated by tech jobs and American classrooms are being dominated by edtech. So, here are some of the ways that the classroom is preparing K-12 students nationwide for the adult workforce.

Our take

Experiences and Insights to Drive Future Technological Innovations

The need to introduce students to technology in the classroom is a practical one. To prepare them for the jobs of the future. The challenge is that we don’t know, yet, what those jobs might entail. What to do? Rather than focus on specific current applications, provide students with exposure to technology to create insights and experiences that can help them respond to whatever the future may hold.

Makerspaces, robotics, virtual reality—all are being introduced into classrooms at increasingly earlier ages to provide students with hands-on experiences and to help them become comfortable and adept with technology. It’s not just about using the technology to play games or access tools and apps that others have created, but to consider how they might apply technology themselves to create their own applications.