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It Takes A Village

by Hayley Glatter, Emily Deruy, and Alia Wong

The Atlantic

Article excerpt

Disrupting the One-Teacher Standard

We need to disrupt the idea of having only one teacher in front of a group of students at once. With so many different learning styles and students at different places in their learning within a grade and within subjects, students and schools will benefit greatly from co-teaching models.

Our take

It Takes Teams to Teach in the 21st Century

What will classrooms of the future look like and who will be leading them? The future is now and, as these educators note, there are a wide range of new possibilities to be considered–including a team teaching approach to best meet multiple students’ learning needs. How might team teaching work for you?

This round-up of insights and opinions from educators point to a number of benefits that team teaching could bring to students—and to teachers. The explosion of ed tech is reshaping the educational landscape in a myriad of ways, meaning that team teaching can occur in face-to-face or virtual environments. Taking a team-based approach can help ease the burden on teachers to be all things for all students.