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IT Staff: Hold on Tight

  • February 15, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

by Katherine Noyes


Article excerpt

There still aren't enough tech workers, and enterprises are paying the price

The shortage of qualified IT workers has been an ongoing problem in the business world for many years already, and new research suggests there’s no end in sight. Twenty-five percent of projects today are abandoned as a result, and even those that do get finished are delayed by an average of five months.

Our take

In Anticipation of a “Gig Economy” for IT Staff

A recent report takes a look at the impact of the “gig economy” on organizations’ needs for IT talent. The 200 C-level executives from the US and UK who responded to the survey indicated that the ability to attract and retain tech talent is a key business challenge—but they don’t see the “gig economy” as an aid, even though they believe it’s a trend that is on the upswing. What are the implications of these findings for your organization?

The availability and knowledge of IT staff can help or hinder IT projects, making engagement and satisfaction key issues for educational leaders. As more IT professionals turn to “gig” work—taking on project-based work for organizations, rather than serving as full-time staffers—companies, including educational institutions, are increasingly challenged to get their IT work done. In an environment where technology is having significant impacts, the ability to attract and retain IT staff who can help to train, educate and support administrators and instructors is increasingly critical. It’s an area of the organization that deserves focus and attention to ensure longevity and engagement.