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IT Security: Defending Higher Ed Organizations

by David Weldon

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Why Higher Ed Needs to Step Up Its IT Security Game

While healthcare, financial services and the retail sector grab the lion’s share of data breach headlines, colleges and universities remain a very tempting target for hackers. The reason: all of the personal, financial and healthcare data collected on students, faculty, administration and staff, all conveniently housed at a single source.

Our take

Is It Time to Add a CISO?

Security is an issue in every industry, and education is no exception. Because of the potential for risk, a new role is emerging—the CISO or Chief Information Security Officer. This article offers some insights in terms of what higher education institutions, which tend to be more at risk than K-12 school systems, should look for in this role. Does your university need a CISO?

Educational institutions shouldn’t overlook the potential for data breaches that could impact students and instructors, despite an environment that may contain fewer risks than in other industries. As technology evolves, so do security needs. If you don’t currently have the talent internally to address some of these risks, it may be time to consider the addition of a CISO.