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IT And Teachers Team Up

by Eric Patnoudes

EdTech Focus on K-12

Article excerpt

Rise Above Your Silo Mentality with Technology Implementation

There’s a term in the business world used to explain what’s happening here. It’s called the Silo Mentality and it’s defined by the Business Dictionary “as a mindset present when certain departments or sectors do not wish to share information with others in the same company.”

Our take

Conversation and Collaboration Beyond the Silos

It used to be that the IT function played a support role in educational institutions, generally behind the scenes and with minimal interaction with educators. That history may be problematic. A pervasive silo mentality may hinder the ability of schools to do more with technology suggests this author. He proposes that greater collaboration could benefit all. How could you encourage conversations and collaboration between IT, administration, educators and others?

As technology comes to drive virtually every aspect of education, it’s increasingly incumbent upon IT leaders to ensure that they are engaging with, and seeking to understand the needs of, those they serve. Creating a unified vision for the appropriate use of technology to drive better learning outcomes starts with a shared vision built upon ongoing conversations and collaboration. It’s an iterative process that involves taking the time to learn about new available options, testing them, and gathering feedback from learners and instructors to create effective learning spaces.