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IT: A Growing Role in Education

by Ben Stern


Article excerpt

Your School's IT Department Is Calling the Big Shots Now

Perhaps no role has changed as much as the chief technology officer—or whatever the position may be called at your local district or university. In fact, the variety of positions and titles underscores the critical and evolving role they play in making a tech-infused campus successful.

Our take

A New Role for IT in Educational Institutions

It’s a changing world for IT professionals in educational environments. As technology becomes more integrally a part of the classroom, some major trends are shaking up traditional roles: IT is becoming more a part of the leadership infrastructure, a wide range of technology—both education- and consumer-based—present greater challenges for interactivity and IT is increasingly required to work more closely with end users, including both instructors and students. Education IT leaders have an opportunity to break down silos within and outside of their organizations to ensure an infrastructure that not only boosts learning, but does so efficiently. Are your IT leaders prepared to assume a strategic role for ensuring both efficient and secure ways for faculty, staff and students to work together?

As IT leaders are increasingly being required to move from a support function to a strategic partner with the educational organizations they serve, not all are sufficiently prepared to make the transition. We’re here to help. Lenovo is committed to partnering with educational institutions to help IT leaders adjust to meet shifting needs while keeping core priorities in mind.