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Students Gathered with Devices

Is Digital Homework Better?

by Sara Guaglione


Article excerpt

VitalSource Technologies Survey Finds 61 Percent Of Students Want More Digitally-Interactive Homework

VitalSource Technologies Inc.’s fifth annual survey on the impact of technology in education, in partnership with Wakefield Research, found that students are becoming more supportive of digital learning and using technology in the classroom.

Our take

More Technology = More Ways to Engage Students

From 2011 to 2015, college student use of digital technology to access course materials grew from 63 to 87 percent. That’s a significant jump and points to growing acceptance of virtual versus traditional textbook and classroom materials. As students become increasingly interested in the use of technology for learning—in and outside of the classroom—educators must consider how current methods need to be changed to adapt to new learning preferences. In fact, 74 percent of these respondents indicated that they might get better grades if only their instructors used more technology in the classroom. How should you be changing your traditional teaching methods to capitalize on these trends?

Over the five years of this study, both acceptance and adoption of technology in the classroom has risen for college students with indications that better outcomes might be driven by increased use. Students increasingly come to the classroom armed with their own technology; instructors have an opportunity to engage them through those devices. It’s not just a matter of transferring traditional materials online, but considering how technology could enhance the traditional experience through interaction, feedback and collaboration.