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Keeping Pace With Changes in Education

by Ivan Low

Digital News Asia

Article excerpt

Is Asean’s education system future-ready?

At the recent Asean Economic Community Post-2015 Agenda: Challenges for Integration policy dialogue, opening speaker Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean of the Asian Development Bank Institute, noted that “while Asean education systems are generally sound, overall standards and capabilities need to be greatly improved.” One key aspect of this would be the integration of technology into education, as research has shown that this can significantly improve learning outcomes.

Our take

Education in a Different Space—and Time

Learning on the go, leveraging the cloud and engaging with others in real-time, or asynchronously, are just some of the benefits that technology is bringing to learners in Asia. These learners have an appetite for technology and, in an environment marked by significant transportation issues, the time-saving and space-neutral aspects of online learning represent significant benefits. In Asia, technology-enabled learning is already being demonstrated to have learning outcome benefits; what can U.S. teachers learn from their experiences in using mobility and the cloud to boost learning and engagement?

One key point raised in this article is the consideration of learning on the go, with students no longer being tied to a specific physical space that they all occupy at the same time. That’s a different way of thinking about education in the traditional American classroom, but these ideas may hold promise for teachers as they seek to find new ways to engage—and educate—a cohort of digital natives.