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IoT: Let’s Talk Benefits And Drawbacks

by Meg Conlan


Article excerpt

The IoT Creates Opportunities and Challenges for K–12 Schools [#Infographic]

According to an infographic from networking solutions provider Extreme Networks, 46 percent of K–12 and higher ed IT managers believe smart technologies will have a major impact within the next two years.Resulting from a survey of more than 600 respondents, the data indicates that IT leaders balance praise for the IoT and its impact on student outcomes with security and cost concerns.

Our take

the Promise of IoT May Be Hampered by Lack of Interoperability

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds promise in education and other industries and ed tech IT leaders are recognizing the potential according to a recent survey. These survey respondents represented K-12, but their insights can apply to higher ed as well. What opportunities might IoT bring to your school system?

While about one-third of the more than 600 respondents to this survey indicated that the concept of IoT was new to them, 46 percent expect to see a major impact from IoT over the next two years. Those impacts range from direct effects on the learning experience to environment impacts and infrastructure efficiencies and safety improvements like wireless door locks and small HVAC systems. Barriers exist, though, including concern about both costs and the lack of interoperability to make the promise of IoT a reality.