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Involving The Right People On AV Setups

by Mike Tomei

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

The Who and What of Classroom AV Design

There are plenty of resources out there informing readers about what projector they should buy or how to create huddle spaces — but when I was a higher Ed tech manager, I was always looking for advice on successful project management. Particularly when there are architects and contractors involved with large projects, managing the design and installation of classroom AV systems can be a struggle.

Our take

AV Installations: It Takes a Village

AV remains an important part of the higher ed classroom infrastructure, even in the 21st century. But effectively planning for the incorporation of AV in the classroom can be challenging, as this former higher ed tech manager points out. What do you need to know?

The client (usually the department requesting the project) and end users (like faculty and students) are obviously important sources of input. But there are potentially a wide range of others to consider. This piece takes a project management approach to AV incorporation into the classroom and offers a comprehensive list of players, their roles, and how to best engage them in the process. Both higher ed and K-12 classrooms should also take into consideration the types of learning spaces most conducive to instruction.