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Investment And Outcomes: A Balancing Act

by Heather B. Hayes

EdTech Focus on K-12

Article excerpt

Personalized Learning Hinges on Strong Tech Backbone

On the instructional side, it’s about personalizing all aspects of learning with agility, says Tara Nattrass, assistant superintendent for instruction at APS. This academic model relies on each student’s own voice and choices so that teachers can better address the learner’s distinct needs while also setting goals and tracking progress, she explains.

Our take

Finding the Right Balance Between Instruction and Infrastructure

Truly personalized learning would be impossible without technology. But the more technology that is brought to bear to make personalized learning a possibility, the greater the demands placed on network infrastructure. Technology is not a magic means to achieve learning outcomes, but rather a tool that, when paired with thoughtful examination of learning practices and strategy, can make a transformative impact in our schools and beyond. How can you find the right balance between investment and outcomes?

The potential of personalized learning has always existed, but on a small scale. Technology can drive personalized learning at increased scale. Implementing technology appropriately to effectively manage resources requires ongoing conversations and collaboration between administrators, instructors and their IT support staff. Those conversations need to lead to strategic efforts to ensure instructional goals are met within budget constraints, with an eye toward future needs.