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Investing In Education

by Goldie Blumenstyk

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Article excerpt

The Mark Cuban Effect: How a Vocal Billionaire Is Betting on Higher Ed’s Disruption

The celebrity businessman and ed-tech mentor says education “is a mess.” He hopes to help turn it around with investments in start-ups and sharp criticism of bloated administration, glitzy facilities, and “easy money” in student loans.

Our take

Follow the Money

Mark Cuban is a vocal critic of the education system. In fact, as this piece notes, he says it is “a mess.” He has ideas to make things better, and the money to back those ideas. But, such insights from those outside of education are often looked on defensively. Should you be paying attention?

Certainly there are opportunities for improvement in education, but do non-educators, regardless of how much money they have, hold the answers to prompt needed change? They may think they do, and their insights can certainly fuel useful discussions, but collaboration beyond criticism may help drive the best solutions. It can be futile to attempt to stop a reformer with passion and profits behind his mission; but it may be possible to help steer the course through conversation and collaboration.