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Introducing STEM Learning Early In Preschool

by Laura Devaney

eSchool News

Article excerpt

How early can we introduce STEM education?

In an effort to address the national need to guide more students to STEM careers, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) researchers are developing curriculum which introduces STEM principles during the formative preschool years.

Our take

STEM: Coming Soon to a Pre-School Near You?

The earlier educators can get students engaged in STEM the more likely these students are to grasp these concepts and engage with future coursework. STEM instruction is expanding into the pre-school space to take advantage of this potential. Is it time to get beyond the idea that STEM studies are too complicated for pre-school students?

When children think they can, studies show, they can. Introducing students to some STEM fundamentals at an early age can help them become more confident in their own abilities and pave the way for more advanced studies as they enter K-12. Fueled by a $1.5 million U.S. Department of Education grant, a six-unit cluster of STEM lessons will explore the possibilities.