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Into The Cloud And Out Of The Books

by Greg M. Smith

University Business

Article excerpt

Moving college to the cloud

As colleges and universities look for ways to deliver more online services to students and faculty, they also want the best performance from their IT investments. For many, that means moving to the cloud.

Our take

Getting Your Head in the Clouds

There are ample opportunities for colleges and universities to turn to cloud technology to boost functionality and cut costs as they explore ways to ensure maximum use of technology to meet student, instructor and administrator needs. What do you need to know about the pros, cons and ramifications of making a move to the cloud?

The big benefits in cloud adoption these days is decreased costs, a reduction in the need for physical IT infrastructure, flexibility and even enhanced security. The shift, though, requires a move to unified network monitoring, which holds benefits of its own, but can present challenges. A strategic approach to cloud adoption is required as its use in education is growing. Our three-part series on cloud adoption in education provides additional insights.