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Interoperability: Keeping Information Flowing in Education

by Benjamin Herold

Education Week

Article excerpt

New Interoperability Standard Aims to Ease Major Ed-Tech Headache

The education technology sector is eyeing a new remedy for one of its most persistent headaches: the messy flow of class-roster and account sign-on information between schools and companies. The hope is that all parties might coalesce around a single, open “interoperability” standard for streamlining the often-painful process of getting teachers and students set up with accounts so they can access the correct digital instructional materials.

Our take

Finding Interoperability Solutions in Education

With the growing use of digital content in classrooms comes the need to manage multiple log-ins to access apps and information and to move seamlessly between platforms. Interoperability has been a “big deal” in healthcare; it’s now gaining some attention in the education industry as well. What opportunities does your system have to ensure easy access and a seamless flow of information between your school and your instructional materials technology vendors?

OneRoster is a new standard that has been released by a group of Florida-based vendors and school districts. It’s not the first, or only, solution that is available, or that has been proposed, but experts say it seems to best address educators’ needs. If you haven’t already, it’s worth taking a look at this new option to see how it might work for your school system.