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International Students Providing Voice And Perspective

by Philip Wainwright

Times Higher Education

Article excerpt

International students are worth more than their tuition fees

By more strategically realising the aspirations for global education that predate the 2008 financial crisis, US universities can improve the educational experience of all students and prepare them better for life after university, while also increasing institutional impact and reputation.

Our take

Bringing International Voices Together

There are significant benefits in having multi-national students, in large numbers, on campuses around the country. Those benefits go far beyond the purely financial. In the decade from 2005 to 2015 the number of international students enrolled in the United States doubled from about 500,000 to about 1 million. Are you appropriately leveraging the value of international students on your campuses?

The opportunity for exposure to new ideas is one of the big benefits of campus life. That opportunity can be significantly enhanced when this exposure includes interactions with students, and teachers, from other countries and other cultures. It’s important, though, to move beyond simply recruiting these students and passively hoping that rich interactions take place. University administrators should work to develop both formal and informal opportunities for students to interact and engage with each other in meaningful, and instructional, ways.