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Innovation Lessons Learned

by Benjamin Herold

Education Week

Article excerpt

Freedom to Experiment Presents Challenges for School Innovation Networks

Frustrated by the lack of innovation in K-12 education, a growing number of district leaders are giving small networks of schools the freedom and resources to try new approaches with classroom technology. But the approach can be rife with technical and logistical challenges, as can be seen in the experience of North Carolina’s 145,000-student Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools.

Our take

Technology Is Not “The Answer”—But, Together, We Can Find It

Technology is not a solution in and of itself; it is simply a tool that must be strategically applied to achieve desired outcomes. Along the way, many different constituents must be engaged, informed and aligned. That’s the experience of one school system’s recent attempt to fuel innovation through technology. What can you learn from their experiences?

Technology offers many opportunities—but perhaps most appropriately as a conduit and not, necessarily, as a catalyst for change. Innovations in education that will drive learning require the strategic introduction of technology as an aid to learning outcomes. Lenovo is committed to partnering with educational leaders to address and adjust to shifting needs while keeping core priorities in mind.