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Innovation in Education: Use Your Imagination

by Kate Torgovnick May

TED Blog

Article excerpt

What does innovation in education look like? A new program asks educators to imagine it

How it works: TED-Ed Innovative Educator is a year-long professional development program. It begins with two months of training on how to use video to spark curiosity, how to teach presentation literacy, and how to connect with other schools and teachers around the world to discuss and share ideas.

Our take

Crowdsourcing for Ed Tech Innovation

Teachers need continuing education too, particularly as they strive to appropriately incorporate technology into their curricula. The TED-Ed Innovative Educator program is bringing together teachers from around the globe for a 12-month professional development program that combines on-line and in-person instruction. Currently in “closed beta” mode, another opportunity for applying for enrollment will begin in December 2015. Should you encourage your instructors to consider participation?

Teachers and instructors need current, timely information and education to help them best navigate the multitude of options now available, through technology, to engage with students. A one-year online professional development program recently made available by TED may provide a forum for unique insights and innovation. TED is recognized for facilitating innovative conversations around a range of topics; this may represent an opportunity for one or more of your early tech-adopter educators to share and learn best practice ideas from international colleagues.