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Indie Movement Takes Tech Industry

by Laura Gogia

Online Learning Consortium

Article excerpt

I am #IndieEdTech

Let me be clear: my #IndieEdTech is not about personal APIs. It’s about how students and faculty interact with the open web and how we can explore it together.

Our take

A Hashtag Leads to a Movement

What is #IndieEdTech? A movement to put control in the hands of students and faculty as they navigate, interact with–and invent–edtech. This writer likens the concept to indie music or indie film. How can your system become part of the movement?

The indie movement—in any industry—is about smaller, independent, groups or individuals stepping up to create something. #IndieEdTech is about creating, or finding new uses for, technology in education. Involving teachers and students in the movement can help school systems and instructors find the right interplay between teacher and technology.