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Imagine Your Ideal Learning Space …

by Suzanne Perez Tobias

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Does the classroom of the future look more like a coffee shop?

Peek inside Brittany Horning’s second-grade class at L’Ouverture Elementary School, and you’ll see kids sprawled on large ottomans, perched atop bouncy seats, lying back on gamer-style recliners and using footstools as makeshift desks. It looks more like a living room or a neighborhood coffee shop – minus the whirring espresso machine – than a traditional classroom with rows of desks.

Our take

Exploring New Learning Space Options

Why do classrooms have to look the way they do? They don’t! The look of traditional classrooms is changing to provide more comfort, better interaction and boosted outcomes. Should you be rethinking your classroom design?

The short answer: yes. It can be tough to break out of the traditional patterns of thinking about educational delivery, but even traditional models—like Thornberg’s four types of learning spaces—can provide a good starting point. Taking the time to learn about new available options, test them, and gather feedback from learners and instructors can help educators create learning spaces that best work to their advantage.