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What Will Education Look Like in 3D?

by Sheryl Buckley, Moses J Strydom


Article excerpt

How tech really will change education

Ground-breaking 3D hologram technology will create a virtual classroom. The new hologram is a creative innovation that will transform electronic modes of teaching. It will give lecturers and students a semblance of the classroom when they may be at home or anywhere else.

Our take

Are Holographs the Future of Distant Learning?

As if technology hasn’t already opened up opportunities almost too numerous to grasp, along comes 3D technology, making even more far-reaching innovations possible. High costs of set-up and slow Internet connections are currently barriers to adoption, but both are likely to diminish over time. Could 3D technology and holographic images be incorporated into your classrooms?

This technology is like discussion boards on steroids. Imagine a time when students and teachers may be physically dispersed, yet virtually come together in a holographic environment where they can interact from any distance. That time may not be as far away as it seems.