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Hooked On Coding

by Nick Winter

eSchool News

Article excerpt

5 ways to engage students in real coding this summer (hint: it’s not by playing Minecraft)

Teaching students how to code software is one of the most valuable skills you can give them, and will virtually guarantee them employment once they’re in the workforce. According to the US Department of Labor, the median pay for a software developer in 2015 was $100,690, and the growth in available positions is expected to be 17 percent during the period 2014-2024 (more than twice the average growth rate across all occupations).

Our take

Learning to Code Over Summer Vacation

Learning to code is a must-do for children in the 21st century; learn well and they’re virtually guaranteed a top paying job once they graduate. But while Minecraft seems to be the go-to tool for engaging children in all things tech-related, this author and coding expert offers some other options for choosing the right methods to interest students in coding. What best practices need to be in place to ensure that learning actually occurs?

One big suggestion: make sure students are actually writing code, not just cutting and pasting, or dragging and dropping. Finding ways for students to collaborate with others as they code can also be a good way to capture their interest and boost learning. Summer is a good time for students to engage in these types of activities—if you’re in contact with students over the summer these are good tips to help engage them in a skill that is bound to pay off for them in the future.