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Hit the Road … Virtually

by eSchool News Staff Reporters

eSchool News

Article excerpt

5 useful tips to get the most out of virtual field trips

To help educators save time, we’ve put together a quick recap on how to prepare for your next virtual field trip (VFT) and five of the best VFT’s based on their relevancy, quality of resources, and potential for student excitement. Student engagement starts with excitement, so get planning!

Our take

Building Excitement—and Learning—Virtually

Raining outside? No worries. There’s a virtual field trip for that! But before you simply turn to the standard, run-of-the-mill travelogue field trip, think about some opportunities and options to instill some higher level meaning, better lesson plan alignment and greater engagement for students. What best practices could you adopt to make virtual field trips more meaningful?

Virtual field trips hold the promise to deliver more than just an automated travelogue experience. This article offers some tips to help educators create a more meaningful and engaging experience for students. For instance, how about a virtual trip to the White House as your class talks about the impact and implications of the coming election? Or a visit to the seven wonders of the world tied to a geography lesson? Here are some additional ways that virtual reality can be adopted in your classroom.