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Your Guide To Social Media For Educators

by Andy Miah

Times Higher Education

Article excerpt

The A to Z of social media for academia

Times Higher Education has teamed up with Andy Miah, chair in science communication and future media at the University of Salford, to offer you the definitive guide to the social media tools available to academics, and how you can use them as you go about your scholarly work.

Our take

A Roundup of Social Media Tools for Educators

The availability of social media tools as a channel for educators to interact with students, families, the community, and each other, has opened up both opportunities and challenges. This guide provides an exhaustive list of terms, tools and ideas that can help you apply social media tools effectively. How many were you already aware of?

With so many digital tools available these days to help connect with others through social media, and to use digital tools for classroom activities and assessment, it’s helpful to peruse a curated list from another educator who has explored the many offerings now available. As social media is increasingly used at all levels of education, it’s important to ensure a solid understanding of both the potential and pitfalls if may offer.