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Governors Take A Lesson From Students

by Wylie Wong

EdTech Focus on K-12

Article excerpt

Governors Get a First-Hand Lesson in Coding

A group of state governors recently spent an hour learning how to code. And the experience not only gave them a first-hand look at Minecraft, a game that has mesmerized many of today’s youth, it also strengthened their belief that computer science is the future.

Our take

Letting Students be Teachers

We talk a lot about teaching students to code, but who’s going to teach adults? Students! Today’s students are increasingly digital natives and extremely comfortable with technology. What could you be learning about coding from your students?

Chances are that you have students in your classes whose technological savvy exceeds that of their teachers. That’s not a bad thing. Giving students the opportunity to share their knowledge can help boost their confidence and provide value as well, as these governors recently learned. Makerspaces represent a good environment to drive this type of shared learning.