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Your Go-To List of Ed Tech Blogs

by Meg Conlan


Article excerpt

The 2016 Dean's List: EdTech’s 50 Must-Read Higher Ed IT Blogs

Blogging about the hottest education technology issues, these admin all-stars, IT gurus, education community experts and classroom leaders have proven their worth to their peers.

Our take

A Go-To List For Staying On Top of Ed Tech Trends

There’s a lot happening in ed tech circles these days, making it hard for educators and administrators to stay on top of the next great thing, or to leverage insights from some of the top ed tech gurus. How can you find and focus on the best of the best?

EdTech’s annual list of top HIgher Ed IT blogs can help. Either chosen by EdTech editorial staff, or nominated by readers, this is a list worth checking out. We’re admittedly biased but have some favorites of our own. You may too. Is your go-to source for great ed tech insights on the list? If not, share it with us at @LenovoEducation.